Creamy Goat Cheese

Creamy Goat Cheese

Fresh Goat Cheese

Similar to goats’ milk ricotta, Creamy Goat Cheese was created to help a chef with a culinary challenge. Dan Lewis, Executive Chef at Sutton Place Gourmet would combine VC Chèvre with cows’ milk ricotta, for an easy to spread mixture. Great idea, but by using cows’ milk, he was losing some of the full, fresh goats’ milk flavor. At his request, Allison & Bob created a goats’ milk recipe offering the creamy texture without sacrificing any flavor.


Made with fresh goats’ milk coming from family farms, the milk is first pasteurized and then set overnight for natural coagulation. The next day, the fresh curd is drained and then whipped for a smooth texture.  Perfect in sauces, with pasta, as a spread, or simply as a dip drizzled with maple syrup. Creamy Goat Cheese is available in Classic, or blended with the finest ingredients— imported Divina olives and herbes de Provence or roasted red peppers and real garlic.


  • Spreadable goat cheese with fresh taste
  • Spread on sandwiches, flatbreads, bagels
  • Fill ravioli, lasagna and cannoli or serve as a dip
  • Fold into pasta or cooked veggies for a quick, creamy sauce

Nutritional Facts

2014 Whole Foods Market Supplier Awards


2011 World Cheese Awards

  • Creamy Goat Cheese, Roasted Red Pepper,
    Silver—Goats’ milk cheese with additives