Aged Goat and Cow Milk Cheese

Cremont named for the “Cream of Vermont” is a mixed-milk cheese combining local fresh cows’ milk, goats’ milk and a hint of Vermont cream. This cheese is a true celebration of Vermont Creamery’s terroir. An American original crafted in the bucolic Green Mountains of Vermont that combines the nutty taste from of our crème fraîche, the creamy texture of our Bonne Bouche, and the wrinkled geotrichum rind of our Bijou.


A special cocktail of yeast and mold are added to create its unique flavor and to coagulate the milk overnight. The fresh curd is shaped by hand and then aged for two weeks to develop the unique cream colored rind and luxurious, smooth interior. Enjoy slathered on crusty bread with fig jam, or share with friends as part of a cheeseboard.


  • Blended milk cheese combines cow and goat milks
  • Double-cream
  • Silky smooth texture
  • Serve on a cheeseboard or spread on crusty bread with fig jam

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Nutritional Facts

2014 Whole Foods Market Supplier Awards


2011 World Cheese Awards

  • Bonne Bouche, Gold—Soft goats’ milk cheese plain, mould ripened
  • Cremont, Gold—Cheese made with the milk of more than one animal

2011 U.S. Championship Cheeses

  • Cremont, 1st Place—Surface (mold) Ripened Mixed Milk Cheeses