Goats’ Milk Feta

The natural bounty of Greece has nourished entire civilizations throughout the ages. Include Allison Hooper and Bob Reese among those awed by the country’s culinary tradition. At a cheese conference, Allison and Bob experienced the distinctive sheep and goats’ milk feta cheese that graces the best Mediterranean cuisine and decided to bring the recipe back to Vermont.


VC’s Feta, made with fresh goats’ milk from family farms, is crafted in the Greek style for a soft, fresh, and flavorful cheese.  A reduced salt content of the brine and the use of 100% fresh goats’ milk add a touch of innovation. Crumbled or sliced, feta can be use on mesclun mix salad, flatbread, or as the key ingredient for Greek spanikopita.


  • Made in the traditional Greek style
  • Lower salt brine enhances mild, fresh goats’ milk flavor
  • Slice or crumble for salads, fritattas, pasta or lamb burgers

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Nutritional Facts

2014 Whole Foods Market Supplier Awards


2012 American Cheese Society

  • Feta, 1st Place—Feta from Goats’ Milk