Crème Fraîche — Vanilla

Crème Fraîche — Vanilla

French-style Cultured Cream

Crème Fraîche has become a staple in the culinary pantry, a superb diary ingredient, that simply makes everything taste better. We have been topping tarts, pies, and berries for years with a dollop on its own or by adding a dash of sugar for sweetness. Why not add a dose of Madagascar Vanilla to create a sublime flavor of pure vanilla and tart crème fraîche? Fermentation combined with a subtle sweetness will enhance the dessert, but not overtake the main event. Imagine crème brulee, sauce for chocolate fondant or a holiday topping for pumpkin pie. Vanilla crème fraîche can also be whipped or warmed for a sauce.


  • Whip to top pies, tarts, seasonal berries or grilled fruit
  • Use as a dip for fruit platters
  • Base for crème brulee or dessert pizza
  • Use in desserts: brownies, cakes or galettes


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