So, you’re new to fresh goat cheese, welcome! We think you’re going to love it. Fresh goat cheese (FGC) is delicious and versatile, two qualities we all look for in a culinary staple. Goat cheese knows no specific time of day – she's a flexible queen that rules over the breakfast table with flavorful flair, shows up with swag at brunch and lunch, and never met a dinner dish she didn’t dominate with her mild tang and artful crumble.  

Fresh goat cheese is something to celebrate; that’s why we’ve literally rolled out our flagship four-ounce goat cheese logs in seven stunning flavors – one for each day of the week, and we didn’t stop there. We crumbled it into cups and added dried herbs and fruit to complement the supple fresh milk taste; we developed snackable and packable dips in fresh flavor combos that turn their nose up to the duller dairy aisle dips.  

Our fresh goat cheese is award-winning for a reason – it's the greatest of all time. To be the GOAT, you must know the goats. Our network of family farms here in Vermont and Canada care for some happy goats, because we know that good cheese comes from great milk.  

Whether you’re crumbling it on a salad, sprinkling it on a pizza or swirling it into your favorite dishes as the ultimate ingredient, rest assured our high-quality goat cheese won’t disappoint. There are so many ways to enjoy fresh goat cheese – but we’ll start with our top fourteen.  

1. In Grain Bowls

We’re always down for a grain bowl.  They’re packed with lots of veggies, and protein from beans, quinoa, or a little meat.  We love adding a crumble of fresh goat cheese for bright flavor and creamy texture.  

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2. On Salads

Salads are the number one, of many ways to eat goat cheese. You would be hard pressed to find a beet salad on a menu that doesn’t include a sprinkle of OG FGC.  It’s a perfect balance to roasted veg or a crunchy nut. It plays off fresh fruit like crisp apples or sweet berries like a pro.  Also, protein. Goat cheese has protein! Did we mention protein? 

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3. Top Pizza

We’re here for a smattering of fresh goat cheese crumbled on top of a pizza or flatbread.  It’s the perfect creamy and lemony addition to add brightness to pizza and pairs perfectly with sliced fennel and sausage, apples and hot peppers, sweet corn and prosciutto, or caramelized onions and mushrooms. Okay, now we’re hungry. 

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4. Marinate it in Herbs

Marinated fresh goat cheese is such an easy and delicious and easy way to take your cheese to the next level.  Roll your goat cheese in fresh or dried herbs, and let it sit in olive oil to marinate.  Then spread it on crackers, add it to sandwiches or toss with pasta.  This one really impresses company, for when we’re allowed to have friends over again.  

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5. In Tarts

Making a tart might sound fancy or complicated, but if you start with a little prepared puff pastry, you can layer things like fresh fruit with a lightly sweetened goat cheese for a delicious brunch treat or simple dessert.  Or, if you’re looking for something savory, try adding thinly sliced beets and fresh thyme, or sautéed mushrooms and arugula. Boom. 

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6. In a Cheeseball

Not going to lie, we’re here for a little cheeseball action, and fresh goat cheese does well in a festive cheeseball appetizer. Best of all, you don’t even need to get out your blender to make these, just pull out some fresh herbs, toast some nuts and you’re in business.  Our favorite will always be rolling goat cheese into everything spice and serving alongside pretzels.  

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7. On Crostini

Whenever we’re in need of a quick and satisfying meal, we turn to crostini (tiny toasted bread for the newbies).  Crostini topped with a spread of fresh goat cheese and some sautéed greens or roasted vegetables, perhaps a soft cooked egg, work for breakfast, lunch or dinner. 

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8. In Sandwiches

Especially in the warmer months when fresh produce is bountiful and at its best, we find ourselves reaching for a vegetable sandwich.  A schmear of fresh goat cheese for a bright and creamy addition that takes your sandwich to the next level.  Top with a thick slice of tomato, cool and crisp cucumbers, sprouts, slivers of red onion, leafy greens – whatever you want, it’s your sandwich! 

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9. On Cheeseboards

When we’re hungry and don’t want to cook, enter the cheeseboard.  Fresh goat cheese is a standout on a cheeseboard and pairs well with pretty much anything you partner it with.  It’s smooth and creamy and with a lemony brightness that’s refreshing. 

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10. Crumbled on Pasta

This classic combo is where FGC really shows its versatility. Crumble a little fresh goat cheese to top your favorite pasta dish.  The best part, it’s great for hot pasta, or a cold pasta salad.  We’re particularly fond of the cold pasta salad because the fresh goat cheese is going to shine. 

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11. Sprinkle It on a Galette

Ah yes, a galette, something that at first may look hard but is so unfussy you'll surprise yourself.  We highly recommend schmearing a thick layer of fresh goat cheese under fresh veggies, which will bake beautifully and bring bright, tangy flavor, and creamy richness. Also, sprinkle a little on top for good measure.

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12. Spreads & Dips

Use to top bagels, waffles, or even a savory pancake or fritter, or one of our favorites - just to dunk sliced veggies or corn chips.   

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13. With Eggs

Add a sprinkle of fresh goat cheese to some softly scrambled eggs for a creamy and cheesy start to the day.   

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14. In Desserts

Using fresh goat cheese in a dessert may not be the first place you think of using FGC, but trust us, it works.  Try topping a raspberry cupcake with a fresh goat cheese frosting, or a fresh goat cheese cheesecake.   

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Betsy manages content marketing and creative production at Vermont Creamery and believes that the eyes eat first.  

An avid baker, home cook and artisan cheese devotee, Betsy is at home in the kitchen and behind the lens of her camera, crafting food that tastes as great as it looks. 

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