Editor's note: Vermont Creamery’s St. Albans was certified by the Non-GMO Project from 2016-2019. While the decision to decertify was a difficult one, ultimately, we are unable to source milk with the ideal composition required to make St. Albans a great cheese.  The circumstances that led to our change in milk supply align with our goal to always put product quality and taste above all.

Since our founding in 1984, Vermont Creamery has achieved success while staying true to our core values; the past year was no exception.

We pledged to be rigorous in our self-assessment and true to our culture of continuous improvement

As a team, we admonish not to take ourselves too seriously, to be present, human, and to be authentic. We strive to do what we say we are going to do. This is who we are. 

Our cheeses were recognized for excellence with 40 national and international awards from the World Cheese Awards, the American Cheese Society, and a coveted SOFI Award from the Specialty Food Association.

We released our first 100 percent cows’ milk, Non-GMO Certified cheese, St. Albans.
We are proud to highlight our partnership with St. Albans Cooperative and Paul-Lin Dairy.

Ayers Brook Goat Dairy is profitable in its fourth year; we provided starter herds to two new farms and expanded our benefits to the farm employees. 

The Creamery team grew from 75 to almost 100. To shore up our rapid growth, we have established a rigorous leadership training program to build a skilled and engaged workforce.

The Creamery undertook a Lean Manufacturing assessment to maximize efficiency and minimize waste. The search for cost and time savings enables us to invest in efficiency, quality and general well-being on the job.

We invited our employees to direct a portion of our year-end charitable gifts; we also offered one day of paid volunteer time per quarter. We celebrated four births in 2016. We were proud to increase our paid maternity and paternity leave for our new parents. We also created a wellness program to support our employees in leading a healthy lifestyle. 

We remain committed to giving back. We will continue to support local agriculture, because without farms, there is no food. Our investment in renewable energy sources will continue, as will our commitment to our employees, our community, and our entire Creamery family.

Cheers to cheese, butter and love, 





— Co-Founders Allison Hooper and Bob Reese