This was a big year for Vermont Creamery. It was a year marked by transition and fueled by hopeful anticipation of a bright future ahead. 

2017 was an important year for Vermont Creamery: 
We recertified as a B Corp, increasing our score by 3 points. 

We made the “Best Places to Work in Vermont” list for the first time, provided over 3,000 hours of training and created 13 new positions while raising our starting wage to $15. 

2018 will be a year of conscious growth for Vermont Creamery.

As we prepare to expand the Creamery, we will dedicate equal resources to reducing our environmental impact.

We will increase our renewable energy use, pursue LEED Certification for our expanded Creamery and explore the feasibility of an on-site biodigester. 

We are excited to launch our new brand design and transition to more sustainable packaging. Our new look will better reflect our commitment to sustainability and our Vermont heritage.

We are looking forward to a year spent planning for our future growth, while building a greener Creamery that aligns with our founding mission. We make cheese that tastes better because it’s made better and will continue to do so in 2018 and beyond. 

Cheese, butter and love, 
Adeline Druart

2018 Goals:

COMMUNITY: Achieve 300 volunteer hours through team activities 

TRAINING: Provide 2,500 hours of employee training 

B IMPACT: Work with 5 major vendors to complete the B Impact Assessment 

CONSERVATION: Implement additional conservation methods in production to reduce water and energy use by 2% 

BIODIGESTER: Complete biodigester feasibility study 

GF: Earn Gluten-Free Certification across full product line 

LEED: Pursue LEED Design standards for our expanded creamery

See the full report here.