Here are the 5 Things We Love About Fall in Vermont:

Trees Changing Color:  the hills become alive with red, orange and gold.  See some of our favorite Vermont pictures here.

The Season of Cider:  apples are in season and we can't get enough of them.  Try this recipe of baking your apples and topping them with vanilla crème fraîche. 

Fall Milk:  in the fall, the cow & goats' milk changes slightly due to the change in temperature & feed.  Read more about where our milk comes from here.

Pumpkins:  they are everywhere and we love them for carving, roasting, and pie.  Here's a great recipe for pumpkin maple-toffee crème fraîche coffee cake.

Harvest Time:  farmers markets & farm stands are prolific with fresh vegetables and seasonal fruits.  Check out our Pinterest board for harvest recipes.