At Vermont Creamery, we're always coming up with a new way to use a Bonne Bouche crate or a Crème Fraîche cup.  

We send them to events to help stack crackers on cheeseboards or keep tasting utensils together.

They are handy and helpful containers that have a life beyond the product inside of them.  Here are 6 of our favorite ways to up-cycle your creamery containers!  

Crème Fraîche Cups

  • Measure it - they're a perfect 8oz (one cup measurement)

  • Plant it - punch a few holes in the bottom of the container then plant seeds to start a garden

  • Craft it - use to keep paints tidy, plus just snap on the lid for easy storage & clean up

Bonne Bouche Crates

  • Give it - fill crate with caramels or chocolates then wrap and tie with a bow for a friend

  • Wrap it - perfect for keeping ribbon tidy, just tuck the end of the ribbon out the bottom of the crate

  • Wear it - keep jewelry organized, earrings around the edge & bracelets & necklaces in the center