Game day is coming up and we’re here for all your munching and snacking needs.  If we’re being really honest, snacks are definitely one of the things we love most about game day traditions.  So, join us as we break out something refreshing to drink and open some chips because we have things to snack on! 

If we’re talking about snacks, we have to talk about dip.  Dip is really where snacking starts and it’s endlessly customizable.  We strongly recommend checking out some of our favorite dippable products which are included in this lineup, namely our fresh goat cheese dips which come already mixed with bright and flavorful ingredients like garlic & herb, and red pepper and lemon. Or DIY your own dip and make your own with our classic fresh goat cheese dip.  You can customize your dip with a drizzle of olive oil and some harissa, or perhaps some honey and a sprinkle of chopped walnuts.  Whatever you decide, dips are high on the snacking list and you can serve alongside chips, toasted pita, wings, or veggies – whatever you prefer.  

If you feel a bit more ambitions, we’re always on board for a little spinach puff or flatbread.  We highly recommend the two recipes we’ve shared below; they are packed with bright flavors and bring a little satisfying heft and substance to a meal. And if you want to keep things a bit more on the grazing side, give our everything cheese ball recipe a try.  You don’t even need to pull out the blender to make something really satisfying.  

So, no matter what team your crew is rooting for, rest assured that everyone can get behind the brilliance that is only snacking.   

Here are six of our favorite game day recipes.  

1. Garlic Bread Bruschetta

Two favorite appetizers join forces in this garlic bread bruschetta, from The Bojon Gourmet, made extra pretty with a rainbow of heirloom tomatoes ripe for casual entertaining. Make the toasts and the topping ahead of time, and then assemble when you’re ready for effortless snacking.  

Get the Recipe for Garlic Bread Bruschetta Here

2. Spinach Puffs

Fill flaky puff pastry with a flavor-packed spinach, onion and creamy goat cheese filling for an appetizer that is full of flavor and super satisfying.  We love these little puffs for the decadent treat they truly are. Plus, with a pre made puff pastry, it’s an easy assembly with a big reward.  

Get the Recipe for Spinach Puffs Here

3. Fresh Chive Dip

This dip is packed with chopped herbs for a refreshing snack that assembles in minutes and has big flavors.  We like to make extra and stash some away in the fridge to top a salad for lunch or to dunk leftover chicken into.   

Get the Recipe for Fresh Chive Dip Here

4. Everything Cheese Ball

This cheeseball is chèvrything! Get ready for any snack attack with this festive and flavorful cheese ball.  This recipe is super simple and fun. Pro tip, shape your goat cheese into any shape before serving for an extra fun app.  

Get the Recipe for this Everything Cheese Ball Here

5. Honey Goat Cheese Flatbread

This flatbread is an incredible combination of flavors.  Within one flatbread you have bright and creamy from the clover blossom honey goat cheese, salty from the pancetta, and peppery heat from the arugula and pepper flakes. 

Get the Recipe for Honey Goat Cheese Flatbread Here

6. Goat Cheese Dips

Looking for something deliciously dippable that doesn’t need a recipe or long prep?  Give our fresh goat cheese dips a try. One is a classic Garlic & Herb, and the other is a bright and flavorful Red Pepper & Lemon.  Whatever flavor you choose, either will be ready to snack as soon as you are. 

Get Pairings for Garlic & Herb Goat Cheese Dip Here
Get Pairings for Red Pepper & Lemon Goat Cheese Dip Here



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