Time to celebrate the most important woman in your life with the most important meal of the day.

Mother’s Day is this weekend, if you didn’t already know, so we’re doing the very important work of rounding up our tastiest brunch ideas for every kind of mom out there—because no two moms are alike.  

If you're preparing for a traditional breakfast in bed, perhaps made by your kids, you might want to check out our ode to Mother's Day pancakes


Carb-Loving Mom

During these long days at home feigning fortitude during home schooling, or trying to work while chaos ensues in the background, carbs are your medicine. The smell of homemade muffins baking in the oven has a calming effect that cannot be replicated. You find solace in melting butter on top of a freshly baked muffin and for that, we salute you, carb-loving mom. You are doing great, crumbs and all.  


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No Frills Mom

You are the kind of mom that appreciates the helping hand of a premade box batter. You know that everybody loves a hot waffle and therefore, don’t bother with intricate pancake art or endlessly fussy crepes. You, no frills mom, are here for the Nutella and crème fraiche topping on your waffles, and we are so here for you.  


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Baked Everything Already Mom

Ah yes, the baked everything already mom. When quarantine struck, you turned to your beloved, perhaps weathered, cookbook to soothe you and your family the best way you know how – by baking. You have exhausted all your classic go-to recipes and now you’re turning to seasoned pro food bloggers like Hummingbird High for inspiration, like these delicious buttery corn scones.  

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Missing Travel Mom

Feeling like teleporting yourself to the French countryside for a casual vacation for one? You, mom, are missing travelling and feeling trapped in a cycle of cold cereal and conference calls. Indulge in a little breakfast tartine with enough vegetables to ease the guilt, and enough goat cheese and crème fraiche to transport you to the land of treat yo’self. 

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Missing Brunch Mom

We miss restaurants just like you miss brunching with your friends, mom. There are certain things that are just better ordered off a menu than attempted at home, but without our Sunday brunch dates, we’re feeling inspired to try our hand at the homemade thing. This mixed berry bread pudding from Foolproof Living isn’t too difficult, and the outcome is well worth the effort.  


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Overachiever Mom

You, overachiever mom, aren’t in the baking game to be basic. You worship at the feet of the greats like Ina and Julia, and you want to make a classic favorite from scratch and we say: go girl. This recipe isn’t complicated, but it isn’t entry-level either.  

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Feeling Fancy Mom

You, mom, are feeling fancy despite not having a proper haircut or manicure in what feels like three hundred years. You want to feel special, and why shouldn’t you, cue this fancy AF French toast. It’s best consumed with a mimosa around 11 a.m., before returning to bed for the rest of the day.  


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Savory Brunch Loving Mom

You, savory mom, don’t feel the pull of sweet treats or sugar-laden brunch menus. You appreciate the savory goodness of smoked salmon on top of a potato galette, topped with crème fraiche of course. This recipe from Sweet Paul truly delivers for the savory mom.  


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