An Ode to Butter

A world without butter, 
Would be a sad place, indeed
That creamy, salty yummy-ness
Is something that I NEED!

If the toaster popped up toast, 
I wouldn't even care
'Cause who would want to eat the toast
If butter wasn't there?

Pop-overs would be pitiful
And emptier than before
Without that golden goodness
I love so and adore

Pop-corn would be flop-corn 
and pound cake would be weak
"Cupcakes!" you say? "No thanks" for me
Wit hout buttercream frosting peaks

And now there is a cultured butter
Made with sea salt and maple?!
I've just decided here and now:
It shall be my autumnal staple!

I love butter, yes it's true!
It solves so many issues:
A cob of corn, a squeaky door
A nose that's dry from tissues!

I tried butter for my sunburn...
(Didn't work like I thought it would)
Guess you're not 'sposed to lick it off, 
But boy, did it taste good!

At times I feel bad for lobsters
Because they are dismembered
If I were dipped in butter
I'd sure want it remembered

Let's not forget the savory uses
For this butter-love parade:
Lucky mushrooms! lucky onions!
They get to be sautéed!

Biscuits, beans, and broccoli
All benefit from butter
To think of using margarine
Well, that just makes me shudder!

NOTHING rhymes with "margarine"
— a valid reason to hate it
So, stick with butter! (Pun, intended)
You'll be glad you ate it!

 — By Grace Knowlton