Vermont Creamery won 6 awards at the US Championship Cheese Contest this week, including a "Best of Class" title for Bijou! Our little aged Bijou buttons were amongst the top 20 cheeses in the nation at the biennial contest held in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Here are some of our favorite cheeseboards & cheese pairings to serve with Best of Class Bijou! 

Sweet & Savory CheeseboardTry serving these cheeses with crisp oatcakes, spicy nuts, salted dark chocolate, or smoked prosciutto.

Rustic Cheeseboard - We recommend balancing the cheeses' unique flavors and textures with the addition of assorted seasonal produce, nuts, charcuterie, and breads or crackers.  

Dessert Island - Experiment with structure, stack cheese slices atop crackers or bread, drizzling with honey or a dollop of jam. 

Spring Cheeseboard -  It may not feel like it now, but spring is coming and this is a simple and rustic take on some of the best this season has to offer.

Francophile Club - This French-themed dessert cheese plate is the perfect end to your day, especially if you're feeling fancy.  

Bijou for Two - This cheeseboard is perfect for two!  A little salty prosciutto, crisp crackers, and chocolate covered almonds pair beautifully with these Bijou buttons. 

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