Crème fraîche was the second product we ever made here at Vermont Creamery. Back then Bob and I were the cheesemakers, owners, general managers, delivery drivers, and cleaning crew.  

Every dollar and every minute counted (who had time for press checks?), so when our crème fraîche container came back from the printer bright pink instead of the subdued, antique rose we had anticipated, we had to roll with our mistake.

We didn’t have the cash to reprint the container, but I knew the product was really good, so we went with it.

Every time I saw the container though, all I could think of was hand cream. I didn’t have a degree in marketing, but even I knew crème fraîche should not make one think of Mary Kay.

One rainy day in Manhattan, I spotted our crème fraîche container in the window at Citerella from across the street. A glimmer of hope was born that this “mistake” might turn out okay...perhaps even make our crème fraîche stand out on crowded shelves at the market?

Now, thirty years after that first container came off the production line, the edgy, bold and confident crème fraîche pink is one of the strongest points of brand identity among our customers. Every time we review our logo or update our packaging, our customers tell us loud and clear “don’t change that pink!” I wish we could credit our brilliant marketing minds, but in those days we were just making cheese to make ends meet. Thank goodness we blew it.