'Tis the season to be cheesin' and if you're tired of cooking 24/7 a little festive cheeseboard could be just the ticket. We partnered up with our friends at Sweet Paul Magazine, who designed some custom cheeseboard lables that we're sharing with you, linked below, to help with all your cheeseboard serving or gifting needs. 

There aren't many rules when it comes to creating the perfect cheese boards; they allow for a ton of flexibility and creativity.  We've shared a few of our favorite pairing tips below to get you going or you can checkout our extended pairing guide here.  We love combining delicious cheeses with fun and varied pairings, and whether it's a simple pre dinner snack while you and your family cook dinner or something you're pulling together for a dropped off gift, there's sure to be a combo for every experience. 

These labels give you the ultimate in flexibility and customization.  We see a ton of premade and named tags which are good, but don't always allow for the incredible variety of cheeses available.  You could even use them as gifting tags as well.  So this holiday season let's focus on good food, good stories, and the moments that matter the most. 


Cheese Pairing Tips & Custom Cheeseboard Labels


Cheese Pairing Tips:

  • Mix textures - pair a creamy cheese with something crunchy or crispy

  • Sweet & Salty - opposites can attract in pairings so don't be afraid to try chocolate or caramel sauce with charcuterie, roasted nuts, or even potato chips

  • Experiment - not sure how something will pair together? Give it a try!  This is a fun way to test different combinations of flavors and foods and see what you like.  

  • Looking for more tips? Checkout our pairing guide here for more cheeseboard recommendations


In partnership with Sweet Paul Magazine, we've created these lovely rustic labels for you. They can be used to identify the cheeses on the cheese board, or you can even use them as gift tags. Simply download them here and print them out on card stock. You can make them bigger or smaller all depending what you are using them for. 


Since so many of us are home and maybe looking for some new ways to fill time, save money, or find a new festive tradition, we teamed up with our friends at Sweet Paul Magazine to share some simple foodie DIY crafts this holiday season.  Join us as we celebrate a homemade holiday and make a gift or a treat with your own two hands.