There's nothing like a countdown calendar to help bring some homemade holiday cheer and this one from Sweet Paul Magazine is extra fun and customizable depending on your preferences. 

Small bags filled with surprises are attatched to a festive wreath and opened on the days leading up to Hanukkah, Christmas, New Years Eve, or whatever your celebration is. 

The bags allow for tons of flexibility and can be filled with all sorts of treats and trinkets like small sparkling cookies, a homemade chocolate truffle, a note or a playful joke to share, a fun toy or some stickers. With a little baking and crafting, this simple countdown calendar can bring lots of joy and celebration to your home this holiday season. 

Here's how to make a countdown calendar:  


  • 25 small bags and gifts 

  • 1 to 25 number stickers (or you can just use a sharpie) 

  • hole punch 

  • twine 

  • small wreath 

  • greens 


1. Write or use small stickers to create 1 to 25 on the bags. 

2. Add your gifts and make a hole in the top of the bag. 

3. Attach a piece of string to each bag. 

4. Hang the wreath on a wall, and attach all the bags. 

5. Decorate with some greens, and happy holidays! 

Since so many of us are home and maybe looking for some new ways to fill time, save money, or find a new festive tradition, we teamed up with our friends at Sweet Paul Magazine to share some simple foodie DIY crafts this holiday season.  Join us as we celebrate a homemade holiday and make a gift or a treat with your own two hands.