At Vermont Creamery, we strive to do better, be better, and make better (cheese) every day. We take nature’s most unpretentious ingredient, fresh milk, and turn it into delicious cheese to delight our customers and share with our families and friends. As makers, we’re as devoted to the process as we are the end result.

We like to think that every day is Earth Day here in Vermont; we know that our natural resources are finite and our impact matters. As we prepare to grow our business and expand our offerings in 2018, we’re keeping sustainability at front of mind.

As a certified B Corp., we measure what matters and use our annual Mission Report to help keep us honest and accountable. Our goal has always been to minimize our impact without compromising our craft.  

2018 will be a year of conscious growth for Vermont Creamery. We will increase our renewable energy use, pursue LEED Certification for our expanded Creamery and explore the feasibility of an on-site biodigester.

We’ll launch our new brand design and transition to more sustainable packaging. Our new look will better reflect our commitment to sustainability and our Vermont heritage.

Together we’re working hard to stack up little wins that add up to big victories for the Creamery and our environment.