At Vermont Creamery, we believe in business as a force for good, and this comes to life first in the communities in which we were born and have our roots.  Now more than ever, our community needs our help.
Over the past few weeks, we have donated 2,500 pounds of Vermont Creamery products to local organizations that are feeding our community during the COVID-19 outbreak.
Our bulk butter, fresh goat cheese, mascarpone and crème fraiche are going to many organizations that feed folks in our local central Vermont community, like Capstone Community Action, Enough Ministries, and the Morse Block Deli, who serve essential workers, the homeless population and those in need during this crisis.
In addition, we have donated our products to Skinny Pancake’s ShiftMeals program that feeds free meals to anyone facing food insecurity, no questions asked.
We have also supported Upper Valley Haven based in White River Junction; their mission has always been to support people experiencing poverty by providing food, shelter, education and serve coordination. Recently, they have expanded their program to support anyone experiencing situational poverty as the result of COVID-19.
Throughout this unprecedented time, we are reminded thatVermonters are neighbors first, and we bring that spirit to our local community with volunteerism and product donations, whenever possible.
We are always seeking other ways to support our local community with high quality food, so reach out to me if interested,
Eliza Leeper is Vermont Creamery’s Mission Manager. In addition to overseeing our donation program and employee enrichment programs, she also spearheads all community and industry philanthropy initiatives and volunteerism efforts.