5-decadent-desserts-for-valentines-day.jpgLast week, our fabulous team member and resident baker, Betsy, brought in an absolutely outrageous chocolate cake to celebrate a co-worker's birthday.

Rich, decadent and soooo delicious, Betsy’s cake got us chatting about our favorite chocolate desserts from the Vermont Creamery recipe collection — brownies with sea salt cultured butter, chocolate cupcakes with goat cheese frosting, and even a bonne bouche s’more!

So, for those of you inspired to say, “I love you” this Valentine’s Day with something homemade and chocolaty, here are our five favorites:

Vermont True Decadence Brownies — the creme fraiche creates a moist, rich final result.  

Chocolate Goat Cheese Cupcakes — a decadent chocolate cupcake topped with a light and airy goat cheese frosting with a red wine reduction.  

Chocolate Mascarpone Tart — a simple tart recipe with a rich chocolate taste.

Bonne Bouche Dark Chocolate S'mores with Herb Walnut Crackers — the ultimate in sweet & salty.

Dense Chocolate Cake — the ultimate in chocolate indulgence, this rich and dense chocolate cake is perfect for sharing.