Spring has officially sprung and while many of our favorite activities have been postponed or canceled for the season, there’s one annual event here in Vermont that can safely continue on:  Vermont’s Green Up Day.  It’s a day when thousands of Vermonters from across the state get outside to pick up roadside litter to help keep our little state true to its namesake of the Green Mountain State.   

This year marks the 50th anniversary of this cherished celebration and it feels particularly meaningful now to come together behind a shared goal and do what we can to keep our roads and green hills clean.  Vermont has the longest running statewide green up day in the United States, and we look forward to continuing this annual tradition for many years to come.  

Bringing People Together Behind a Unified Cause 

Now more than ever, it’s helpful to feel like we’re connected within our communities, even if that means we’re doing things a bit farther apart from each other. Green Up day is Vermont’s largest statewide volunteer event with over 22,500 people (that’s 4% of our tiny state’s population for reference) participating in support of one common goal. It’s a wonderful way to be together, apart. 

Getting Outside & Staying Healthy 

Many of us have been cooped up inside more than we expected over the last few months, which was preceded by being in our homes for a long winter (with the exception of when we could get out on our skis). Vermont has some gorgeous weather in store for us this weekend, and we’re eager to stretch our legs along the roadsides while picking up some trash. Being in the sunshine and outdoors is not only good for our bodies – it’s equally healthy for our spirits. 

Taking Care of Our Planet 

We believe deeply in living sustainably and in being good stewards of our planet. On Green Up day we take the simplest of actions to care for our environment, and as we know, one simple action can propel others. It might seem like a small thing when compared to bigger issues we’re trying to tackle (think greenhouse gas emissions,) but we believe little things matter. Clean roadsides are a small action we can take to show progress toward a larger mindset of environmental stewardship.  

It’s Naturally Socially Distant 

Let’s be honest, Vermont has always been naturally socially distant by nature, and this event is just more of the same. So, grab your family or plan to meet up with a few friends (take one side of the street and give them the other) and get outside for a little safe-distance catch up, trash clean up, and some fresh air and sunshine.  Wins all around! 

We Love Our Green Mountain State 

We all share in caring for our lovely little Green Mountain State, and it’s on all of us together to keep it clean and healthy. If we all do a little bit, then together we can make a big impact in keeping Vermont green and healthy for future generations of Vermonters.  

Visit the official Green Up Day page for more information about how you can support and participate in Green Up Day. And if your state doesn’t have a Green Up day, join us in spirit and tag us (@vermontcreamery) for a chance to be featured on our social channels!