From the beginning, sustainability for our farms, environmental stewardship, and community have been top priorities for the
Creamery.  As cheesemakers, we depend on the health of local agriculture and dairy farms for our success - great cheese starts with great milk.

Here are some of our favorite blog posts from co-founders Bob Reese & Allison Hooper where they share Vermont Creamery’s sustainability journey and vision for our future.    

Sustainability at the Creamery and on the Farm
Raising awareness on climate change
Becoming B Corp to support the future of our Company Mission
Vermont Creamery Mission

“Measuring what matters requires that the team look beyond profit as the sole indicator of our company’s health.  By demonstrating that we can be profitable and invest in “what matters”, Bob and I are assured of a legacy of the values on which the business was built.  We want to know that our grandchildren will be proud of Vermont Creamery. “  – Allison Hooper