Try these 5 great potato recipes including one that is a twist on the comforting warmth of mashed potatoes but has none in it.  

Crème Fraîche Potato Gratin – a warm and indulging dish, easy to prepare in advance and finish in the oven.  Perfect for a crowd. 

Crispy Sweet Potato Roast with Herbed Coconut Crème Fraiche – This beautiful dish has layers of sweet potato that are crisp on the outside and tender inside. 

Pumpkin or Sweet Potato Goat Cheese Cheesecake – Use pumpkin or sweet potato with goat cheese in this cheesecake filling baked on a pretzel crust.  It's prfectly balanced salty and sweet flavor seals the deal with this Thanksgiving dessert.

Potato, Garlic, & Leek Soup – Satisfying and substantial, this creamy potato leek soup is perfected by crème fraîche, crispy pancetta, and roasted garlic.

Cauliflower and Celeriac Mash with Crème Fraîche - A twist on the comforting warmth of mashed potatoes, this dish marries the mild butteriness of cauliflower with the refreshing taste of celeriac. Mixed generously with crème fraîche and topped with even more, this dish has quickly become a Creamery favorite.