1. Pick your canvas: A natural surface is a must. We like a big wooden cheeseboard or a piece of slate or marble.
  2. Place your anchors: Find the star of your cheeseboard show (one of our aged cheeses) and center it on your board. Place 1 - 3 jars (jam, honey or caramel) across the board. These elements will be your guide for a balanced board.
  3. Fill in your cheese: Place your remaining cheese. Cut a few slices, rounds or triangles into each goat log and aged cheese. Cutting into the cheese makes it a little less intimidating for your guests to dive in.
  4. Add your meats: Pre-slice your meats and place them next to cheeses on opposite sides of the board
  5. Adorn with accoutrements: Now that you have your anchors in place, fill in with crackers, torn baguette pieces, chocolate, veggies, nuts, fruits and any other elements that will make your cheeseboard shine.
  6. Don't forget utensils: it's important to have individual spoons and knives for each jar and each cheese to avoid melding flavors.  Plus, who doesn't love a tiny spoon?
  7. Add some flair: finish off your board with edible flowers, a drizzle of honey, fresh herbs, or flaky sea salt.
  8. Have fun: keep it simple, trust your taste, and don't be afraid to think outside of the box! 

Tips & Tricks:

  • Timing: For optimal flavor, assemble your board 30 minutes before entertaining so your cheese can come to room temperature.
  • Build your cheeseboard upward and outward: All of our aged cheeses make an excellent axes around which to orient our other cheeses, which can be cut into bite sized squares, triangles, and round disks. Volume is the name of the game.
  • Accessorize sweet & salty: There’s no limit to the accoutrements you can try with Vermont Creamery’s cheeses. If that abundance feels overwhelming, just choose one salty item and one sweet item—think toasted nuts and preserves, cured meat and fresh fruit, or pickled vegetables and dried fruit—and a dry carb to contrast the surrounding richness. (Whether that’s a bread, cracker, cookie, French fry, or chip is entirely up to you.)
  • Anytime is the right time for cheese: A cheeseboard doesn’t have to be served as just an appetizer. It can be dinner! It can be dessert! It can be brunch! The world is your oyster.

Need some inspiration?  Really make your cheeseboard shine with these additional elements:

  • Nuts (marcona almonds, pecans, pistachios)
  • Fruits (kumquats, pomegranates, figs, pears)
  • Potato chips
  • Dark chocolate
  • Shortbread
  • Tinned Fish
  • Olives
  • Pickled Veggies (dilly beans, beets, or red onions)
  • Dijon mustard
  • Fresh vegetables (watermelon radishes and carrots add a nice pop of color)
  • Edible flowers
We want to see your cheeseboard masterpiece! 
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