If you’re team cheese, which if you’re here we’re betting you are, then chances are you’ve either been curious about or tried fondue.  And what’s not to like about a molten pot of cheese?  Well, we’ve got a treat for you because one of our cheeses, St. Albans, comes in a little crock and when you warm it in the oven it becomes molten inside like a mini fondue.  It has creamy bright flavor, but none of the complications on prep. Plus it’s the perfect amount as a small starter to your meal.

Meet St. Albans 

If you’ve never heard of St. Albans, it’s an aged cows' milk cheese and takes its name from the town of St. Albans, Vermont. Hand-shaped and aged for eleven days, these delicate cheese disks are packaged in sturdy ceramic crocks that double as a baking vessel. It’s a decadent little treat packed with creamy and decadent flavor.

Pick Your Pairing

One of the fun benefits of cheese is that it pairs with so many other types of other foods.  Looking to kick off a meal?  Pair your cheese with crackers and some roasted nuts. Feeling like having a little cheese after dinner, add some fruit or perhaps a bit of dark chocolate. When you’re pairing with St. Albans, the pairings can be similar to what you’d select for a traditional fondue and we've pulled some of our favorites for you below. 

Here are 5 Things to Pair With St. Albans

1.  Potatoes

One of the most classic fondue pairings is a boiled potato, and we’re certainly not going to mess with a classic. If you’re feeling particularly playful, level up and dunk some potato chips into a melty St. Albans.  It’s one of our favorite cheese pairings. You’re welcome.

2. Tart Apples

Bright and crisp apples are a really lovely pairing for a rich and flavorful cheese.  The crunchy texture offsets the smooth and creamy cheese, and the slightly tart fruit helps cut the richness from the cheese.  Overall, this makes for a super balanced bite that we can’t resist.

3. Bread

Bread and cheese will always be BFF.  We highly recommend making a bit of toasted bread in the oven as you’re warming up your St. Albans.  Just pop a few slices of a leftover baguette or slice up a bit of the heal of some bread, drizzle some olive oil on, maybe add some garlic or salt and pepper, and bake until slightly golden. 

4. Cornichon & Olives

These are maybe slightly less of a dip into and more of a serve alongside.  With the richness of the flavorful and savory cheese, it’s often nice to pair something salty and bright like a cornichon or your favorite olives.  The briny flavors of these two items help refresh your palate and keep the snacking satisfying and refreshed.

5. Roasted Vegetables 

One of the fun things about molten cheese is that it pairs so well with roasted veggies which opens up a world of pairing options.  We recommend roasting everything from broccoli or cauliflower, to mushrooms and brussels sprouts.  So, spoon some melty St. Albans over your veggies and enjoy!

Whatever you decide to pair with your mini fondue for two, St. Albans, be bold!  Cheese pairing is a fun time to explore and try out different flavors and textures, so have fun with it!  Checkout our website for more cheese pairing inspiration. 



Betsy manages content marketing and creative production at Vermont Creamery and believes that the eyes eat first.  

An avid baker, home cook and artisan cheese devotee, Betsy is at home in the kitchen and behind the lens of her camera, crafting food that tastes as great as it looks. 

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