It took a village of creative minds to craft Vermont Creamery’s new look, and we feel so lucky that the result truly reflects the high-quality, delicious dairy you’ve always found inside.
In collaboration with the artistic brains at Little & Co., our 34 year-old brand found new life through whimsical illustrations that represent who we are and what we care about most. The icons are subtle nods to the people, places and values that we hold dear.
We sat down with the two women behind our fun new icons, that you’ll see woven throughout our packaging and here, on our new website! Little’s own Jennifer Yelk and Katie Kirk, of Eight Hour Day, told us all about defining “Vermontness” through graphic illustration.VC_Illustration_CropExample_2_DarkBrown.png
What's the best part of your day?

J: Getting to dig into a new project that has no limitations!
K: That first cup of coffee.
How did you get started in graphic design?
J: It’s one of those things that just fell into place. Growing up, my mom was a kindergarten teacher, so I was always all about the arts and crafts. When I got a little older, arts and crafts evolved into painting and drawing, and in high school that morphed into digital design. When I went to college, graphic design was the obvious choice; it encompassed everything I loved to do.
K: Well, I was always into art when I was growing up, and I think it was my Dad who suggested I try Graphic Design as a major in college... From the very first class I fell in love (and still am!)
Describe your creative process:

J: For this project our team went out to Vermont to see the farm and the cheese making process! After we have a good understanding of the brand, I start sketching. Next I digitize and expand my ideas, and show how the brand can work across different materials. Throughout this process I am meeting with the team and with the client to make sure that we are on track to a great final product. Eventually we keep narrowing down our design directions until we have one final one that we all love.
K: I’d say a combination of collecting, sketching, concepting, and collaborating!
Where do you draw inspiration from? 
J: I get a lot of inspiration from the research we conduct about the brand and their history. In general I draw inspiration from everything from architecture, fabric patterns, vintage typography, old hand painted signs, and the endless supply of inspiration found on design blogs and sites.
K: I love movies, even bad ones. Vintage illustration, folk art, plus countless designers and illustrators!
Let’s talk about the incredible iconography you all created for our new packaging.

Ever been asked to design a goat before? You nailed the ears, by the way.
J: Haha no I never have! Glad Katie pulled it off so well!
K: Ha! No! But I have done an alpaca!

What’s the most important thing to keep in mind, when crafting a set of icons like ours?
J: Thinking about how to make the icons unique to the brand you are designing them for. And I think it again went to thinking about how they will be used in the future, making sure that they are flexible enough to work in a bunch of different applications.
K: I think trying to get in some personality albeit how small they are. Also making sure they all feel cohesive.
The iconography is a virtual Where’s Waldo of “Vermontness,” how did you manage to channel our quirky little state so well?
J: I think a lot of the ideas came from speaking with the VC team! There were definitely some quirky requests such as the solar panels, the pug and the VC barn that I think really added to the Vermontness!
K: Well I received some great photos from Little of past trips to the creamery. But also a lot of google image searches and research. I also grew up in Wisconsin—it’s no Vermont but there are a couple similarities…

Do you have a favorite icon? Why?
J: The pug has got to be my favorite, it is so unexpected to have in there and Katie just did an awesome job making him look so cute!
K: The cake. I like cake.
How does it feel to see your hard work show up on grocery store shelves nationwide?
J: Literally, it’s the dream! It is so exciting to see a project you love and have put so much work into to finally be a real thing that you can show off to all of your friends at the supermarket!
K: Do I always want to tell all the other customers as well as the cashier? Maybe…
What’s your favorite Creamery product?
J: The aged goat cheeses! I had never had Bijou before, and now I am in love!
K: The Sea Salt Crystal Cultured Butter changed my life.
What are you doing, when you’re not designing?
J: In the summer I love getting in as many camping trips as possible, traveling when I can and going to as many country concerts as my bank account allows. I’m also a big fan of board games, fantasy novels, and bar crawls.
K: Traveling, running after my 4 year old and watching Netflix!