At Vermont Creamery, we’re a group that is passionate about food. From Bonne Bouche to Sea Salt and Maple Cultured Butter, it’s taken some serious taste buds to perfect these creamery favorites.  Beyond just taste, we find food to be beautiful. From restaurant dishes and farm stands to family dinner tables and Pinterest boards, we’re the ones snapping pictures of what we eat and where it comes from.

It has always been important that when we share images of our cheeses, these photos reflect the hard work and craftsmanship that goes into each piece. Several years ago, I first encountered the blog “La Tartine Gourmande”, written by Béatrice Peltre — Béa for short. I was stunned by her photography: the style, color, natural light, and details of each photo came together to make even the simplest setting extraordinary. Each photo was truly a piece of art that left me full of culinary inspiration and mouthwatering envy.

I decided to send Béatrice a “love letter” (the Creamery team jokes about my obsession with writing to people whom I admire). I introduced myself and asked if I could send her some cheeses as a thank you for making such wonderful recipes and images of food. She quickly responded and told me that she loves our products! Soon we were speaking French and discussing our lives as “expats” and working moms.

When we started developing our new line of crumbled goat cheeses, we wanted to make sure we gave our customers inspiration about what to do with the product. We were all too familiar with uninspiring images of bad tasting goat cheese crumbles sprinkled on a sad green salad. We felt that delicious, fresh goat cheese was more inspiring than that!

We wanted to please our customers’ taste buds with clean crumbles produced without mold inhibitors or anti-caking agents. We wanted to inspire them with attractive packaging and unique recipes that would give new life to goat cheese crumbles.

We decided to ask Béa to help us.

She jumped at the opportunity and within a month we were at her home in Boston shooting recipes that would end up on the lid of our containers. For me, spending a day with her was like spending a day at the spa with a friend. Her photography features the natural light of her living room. Her inventory of prep material (spoons, bowls, napkins) are so colorful, fresh, French, and cute. The way she prepares food for shooting is honest. No oil to add shine — only the real deal. You can eat the food after the photo is taken. Rest assured we ate. As fellow food-fans, we shared life stories, fussed about every little detail — the background color, the angle of the spoon, how much pea shoot to put on the salad, one more piece of crumble. Snap, review, PARFAIT — ON ADORE!

Merci Béa for making our cheeses so beautiful!

Check out Béa's beautiful crumbled goat cheese recipes + photos here:

Photo of Béatrice Peltre taken by White Loft Studio