Greetings!  My name is Claire and I’m part of the family farm team that works to provide Vermont Creamery with the high quality cows’ milk for their deliciously yummy (and new!) St. Albans cheese

All of the milk that is used to produce St. Albans – VC’s first foray into an all-cows’ milk cheese -- is procured from Paul-Lin Dairy; our family run dairy operation, located in the northwest corner of Vermont; just a stone’s throw from the Canadian border.   

We operate a very small dairy, milking just 30 registered Jersey cows – those are the brown ones, best known for producing milk that is rich with butterfat, the delicious component most needed in the cheese making process!

Paul-Lin Dairy was established in 1983 when my parents, Paul and Linda, decided that a farm setting and lifestyle was the way they wanted to raise a family.  Both grew up on family operated dairies and knew firsthand the value of being a farm kid with the daily lessons of responsibility and hard work.   My older sister, Ellen, and I were born and raised here at Paul-Lin Dairy. We grew up shoveling, washing, cleaning, scraping, and learning life lessons that can’t be replicated in any other setting. While my sister has moved away from the farm, I find it a bit impossible to leave.

My heart has been captured by the ladies that are the central theme of our dairy: The Jersey Girls.  A total of 45 brown bovines call Paul-Lin Dairy home, ranging in age of 1 day to 10 years old.  Each has a name and a unique personality – there’s the Grand Old Dames, Pippen and Permian, two 10-year-old’s who bring up the rear and keep the rest of the herd in line… Summit, a sweet heifer who loves a good scratch behind her left ear… Placid, the feisty cow who does not act as her name implies she might and then Style, a brand new baby only 2 days old and still figuring out how to move around in this big world.  I could go on and on!  These animals are very important to us; we spend our days working to make sure they are happy, healthy, fed, and content – our livelihood quite literally relies on them and we make sure they know how appreciative we are that they allow us to do what we love.

We are all so excited about the opportunity Vermont Creamery has given to our little dairy…. And we will continue to put forward our utmost effort to provide the high quality milk needed to make St. Albans the tasty and enjoyable product it is!

Claire Stanley is a born-and-raised Vermonter hailing from Paul-Lin Dairy Farm in Bakersfield.  Here, Claire assists her parents in the daily operations of the farm where they milk 30 Jersey cows on a pasture based grazing system.  When she’s not hanging with the Jersey Girls, Claire works as marketing director for a bovine genetics company, enjoys gardening