Thanksgiving is prime pie time. Get ready for the sweetest part of the holiday season with pies from Reclaiming Provincial, le jus d'orange (pictured here), and more!

Pumpkin Pie with a Speculoos Cookie Crust: a modern take on a classic.

Pear-Cranberry & Crème Fraîche Pie:  Pie get's a festive update with the addition of ruby red cranberries and crème fraîche

Custardy Crème Fraîche Apple Pie:  A new take on the traditional apple pie, creme fraiche creates a custard-like filling that combines beautifully with the layers of sliced apples under a buttery topping. 

Blueberry Pie with a Purple Crust:  This festive blueberry pie get's a colorful purple crust!

Caramel Mascarpone Pumpkin Pie:  Salted caramel and creamy pumpkin with a luscious mascarpone whipped cream.
Sweet Pastry Crust:  A simple pie crust recipe that uses cultured butter for a flakier crust.


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