Celebrate the New Year with some of our favorite spreads & cheese pairings to share!  
Cheese + Cocktail Pairings

Coupole + Sweater Weather CocktailWedges of Coupole layered with lightly pan fried dates & seasoned charcuterie on crusty bread and served with this sweater weather cocktail make for a lovely evening by the fire.

Bijou + Side Ride Cocktail:  Slices of Bijou buttons topped with smoked salmon and a dollop of crème fraîche make for a festive bite.  Pair with this side ride cocktail finished with sage & fresh lemon peal.

Spreadable Goat Cheese + Hanky Panky Cocktail: Sweet & savory comes together in these goat cheese bites topped with pumpkin butter & maple syrup.  Serve with a little hanky panky cocktail for a refreshing treat.

Bonne Bouche + Dark Horse: Rich coffee liqueur and mint in this dark horse cocktail offset the delicate flavor of Bonne Bouche served on a crisp cocoa cake cracker.

Cremont + Pink Fizz Cocktail: Indulgent double cream Cremont served on a crisp oat cake cracker with a spoonful of sweet jam pairs perfectly with this refreshing citrus pink fizz cocktail.

Assorted Whipped Goat Cheese Filo Tarts:  Flakey, warm filo tarts are simple to make and perfect for parties.  Find three sweet & savory versions, all in mini for easy serving.  

Crème Fraîche Sweet Pea Crostini:  Easy to whip up in advance, this sweet pea spread makes a bright & refreshing addition to any table.

Hot Caramelized Onion Dip with Bacon & Gruyere:  Spread this hot & melty onion dip onto crusty bread or crackers. 

Spreadable Goat Cheese Maple Dip: A simple & crowd-pleasing dip made with only 3 ingredients.

Warm Spinach Mascarpone Dip:  A versatile & hot spinach dip packed with flavor.  Any leftovers can easily be added into pasta or used on pizza.