Try 6 of our favorite recipes to serve at cocktail hour! They're easy to prepare and festive for a gathering of friends!

Crème Fraîche & Salmon Roe on Fried Potato - a thin slice of russet potato topped with a dollop of cool crème fraîche and salty salmon roe makes a perfectly crisp bite.  
Assorted Whipped Goat Cheese Filo Tarts - flakey, warm filo tarts are simple to make and perfect for parties.  Try these three sweet and savory versions, all mini sized for easy entertaining. 

Crème Fraîche Sweet Pea Crostini - for a refreshingly delicious and healthy option, try this easy sweet pea spread served on crostini.  It's a fast recipe that you can made in advance!

Eggplant Caviar, Leeks & Goat Cheese Pizza - a crisp & chewy crust topped with savory vegetables and melted cheese makes for an irresistible treat.

Hot Caramelized Onion Dip with Bacon & Gruyere - this crème fraîche caramelized onion dip is full of savory crisp bacon & topped with melted cheese.  Serve with crusty bread or crackers for easy entertaining.

Bonne Bouche Paired with Caramel on a Cocoa Cake - one of our favorite cheese pairings, the delicate flavor of bonne bouche offsets the sweet caramel with the crisp cocoa cake cracker.