Look, not to brag, but I may have invented stress baking.

For those not familiar with the term, stress baking is one way to occupy your hands and mind in an effort to shift your focus from stress and panic to calm and comfort.
Some people vacuum under the couch, I bake all the things; to each their own. I’ll just remind everybody here that stressed is desserts spelled backwards.
I find comfort in the simple act of frosting a layer cake, my mind is soothed by sprinkles, I am calmed by cracking eggs.  Flour is my solace, creaming butter with sugar is my yoga breathing.
When it comes to emergency preparedness, my stockpile consists of baking powder, flour, eggs, cultured butter, crème fraîche and an arsenal of baking sheets, spring form pans, a quiver of rolling pins and cookie cutters, pastry blenders, the list goes on.
While you lot are worried about toilet tissue supplies, I am ordering a pallet of parchment paper to stash in the basement. Rest assured that if the world goes up in smoke, you will find me in my flour-covered kitchen, rolling out sugar cookies while Christmas music plays in the background. It’s just how I roll in times of strife.
If this feels like you, or something you might be interested in doing during these uncertain times, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s roll up our sleeves and dive into some recipes that hit all the crisis criteria—they are relatively simple, don’t require a ton of crazy specialty grocery ingredients, and are comforting in a time when the unknowns outweigh the answers.
When damp, depressing weather strikes, I turn on the oven instead of the heat. In the best cases, warming is done from the inside out, so crank up your oven and let’s get baking.
Who is ready for panic pie? Chaos cookies? All jokes aside, we’re here for you in your time of need, and I hope that you find baking as soothing as I do.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

First up, let’s cover the basics: chocolate chip cookies. These are your old standbys, the treat you crave when the going gets tough. This is the classic chocolate chip cookie you know and love.  We love it for it's slightly soft interior and crisp outer edges.  

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Brownies, another classic dessert to stress bake. I get it people; brownie consistency is very polarizing. I see you, cake-like brownie lover, but I prefer my brownies on the fudgier side, there I said it.  These brownies come together quickly and rarely disappoint.

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Blueberry Lemon Muffins with Streusel Topping

A muffin without streusel topping is like a quarantine without Netflix. We love a good muffin because they’re technically a breakfast food but there is no real difference between muffins and cake. Muffins are breakfast cakes. This recipe is so easy, your kids can bake them for you and call it a distance learning lesson. Class dismissed.

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Butter Biscuits

People are usually pretty intimidated by biscuits, but they aren’t scary, she's just a pastry that knows what she wants. Butter is the secret to a flaky biscuit; nobody loves a tough biscuit and by nobody, I mean me. Follow this recipe and your biscuits will be hot and fresh, just like you in those yoga pants.

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Cranberry Orange Scones

Scones are those morning treats you buy at your favorite coffee spot when what you really want is a cinnamon bun. Since we can’t hit up our local bakery, and we haven’t reached cinnamon bun-level stress baking, we’re giving you this cranberry orange scone recipe that will make your kitchen smell delicious while your kids remind you how bored they are.

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Mixed Berry Galette

Alright stress bakers, this one is perhaps the easiest recipe here. The beauty of a galette is in its simple ingredients. All you need to be successful in the age of Armageddon is sugar, flour, butter and whatever fruit you have kicking around the house. Show off your stunning traditional French dessert via facetime because girl (or boy), you fancy. 

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Sugar Cookies

Sugar cookies. Sure, they shine during the holidays but let’s not bake them into a corner. Sugar cookies are fun all year-round, as evidenced by these little spring-themed cookies I hand painted one weekend. Fun fact: stress baking is also year-round in my house. Cultured butter is the star of this recipe, so get some and get rollin’.

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Brown Butter Bundt Cake with Vanilla Bean Glaze

Stay with me friends, you can do this, she’s not as hard as she looks. Bundt cakes are gorgeous and showy and all you have to really do is pour the batter directly into the pan. There’s no tricky layers, or assembly or fancy piping work; just make sure you butter and flour the pan with gusto. While vanilla may seem basic to some, I reject this notion. My prediction is this: as vanilla beans become scarce (there's a pre-existing shortage ya'll), vanilla will be coming in HOT. 

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An avid baker, home cook and artisan cheese devotee, Betsy is at home in the kitchen and behind the lens of her camera, crafting food that tastes as great as it looks. 

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