The big day is coming up and we're here to help you get your kitchen game on with essential Thanksgiving recipes.  Bring on the stuffing, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole and  a multitude of pies.  Don't forget to top your pies with a dollop of lightly sweetened crème fraîche for a perfect end to your meal. 

Mashed Potatoes  
The classic mashed potato recipe you know and love packed full of flavor from luscious crème fraîche and cultured butter.  



This stuffing is packed with flavor from herbs and aromatics.  Stick with the classic, or add a crumble of fresh goat cheese for an added layer of brightness.


Green Bean Casarole
This Thanksgiving favorite gets an update with a flavorful crème fraîche sauce before being topped with a crunchy mix of breadcrumbs and toasted almonds. 

Roasted Carrots
This beautiful roasted carrot dish features warm whole grains, protein-rich chickpeas and a light herbed crème fraîche sauce.  A wonderful vegetarian option for the holiday table.

Pecan Pie
This fall classic gets a festive spin with the addition of a caramel sauce. 

Apple Pie
Layers of apples are tossed with brown sugar and cinnamon before being baked in a flaky butter crust for this seasonal favorite. 

Sweet Potato Pie
This sweet potato pie has a maple-oat browned butter crust and is topped with a marshmallow merignue. 

Pumpkin Pie
We swirled ours with mascarpone for a flavorful and decadent dessert.