As you can imagine, those of us that work at Vermont Creamery are a bit obsessed with cheesemaking. We live it, eat it and breathe it everyday. A passion that follows close behind is food and cooking. How great to have a job where it’s perfectly acceptable to spend time perusing the web looking for a new goat cheese recipe to make tonight’s dinner with some of your cheese perks? After spending lots of time conducting work related “research”, we began to notice that there was this whole community of amazing people blogging about food and cheese. These bloggers seemed like our kind of people, so passionate about good food. We thought it might be a good idea to meet them and see if they wanted to visit us in Vermont.

Raiza Costa of Dulce Delight was one of the bloggers that took us up on our offer. Raiza hails from Brooklyn, NY via Brazil. Her blog is a compilation of fun cooking videos that focus baking and using fresh, local ingredients. She came to Vermont for the weekend of the Cheesemakers’ Festival and stayed with me and my family at our hardscrabble hill farm.

She decided that we would shoot a cooking video in my primitive farmhouse kitchen. We pulled out all of the old utensils passed down from my mother. She went to work with her camera shooting everything from wild flowers and barn doors, to spiders. Post afternoon swim wrapped in a towel, we picked blueberries, spade potatoes, and picked leeks from the garden. Searching for her muse she could have found forgotten Easter eggs in that garden and barn.  She nuzzled up to the Heifers barefoot and let them eat out of her hands.  She was like a newborn calf taking its first breath and walk in the dirt and wet grass underfoot.  For me it was wonderful to experience my home through her senses.

So many photos… Where was it all leading? A team player I find it easiest to just do as I am told. I found myself jumping from behind the kitchen counter with Raiza to welcome the camera. Charged with rolling out an impromptu pastry crust for a blueberry galette, I went to work as we bantered about good butter and the finer points of making a perfect crust. After all of the B roll she assembled a stellar video that captured the essence of a Vermont farmstead, fresh ingredients and fun in the kitchen. She is confident in her hot pink lipstick, bright green nails, and mile- wide smile. Raiza makes everything look easy but I know that she is working every minute to stay three steps ahead and realize her vision for the video.  It all comes together. She is a natural entertainer, teacher, and a delightful person. I can’t wait to have her back in my kitchen for more. Next time I might  paint my lips hot pink and my nails bright green. The spiders won’t recognize me.