Both sweet & savory, here are 8 of our favorite recipes for sharing with loved ones on Valentine's Day.  

Beet & Sweet Potato Galette - Bright red, sweet beets pair perfectly with lemony goat cheese in this fast galette

Naked Red Velvet Cake with Crème Fraîche Frosting - A Valentine's Day classic, this red velvet cake recipe is lightly frosted with vanilla crème fraîche, it's creamy, tangy, and delicious flavor rounding out the cake's sweetness perfectly. 

Crème Fraîche Root Vegetable Sage Pot Pies - We love these mini vegetable pot pies. They're simple to assemble and adorably portioned per person. 

Strawberry Gingerbread Dutch Baby with Vanilla Crème Fraîche - Life is short, eat dessert first.  We love this brown sugar & spicy gingerbread dutch baby topped with sliced strawberries & slivered almonds.  

Trois Crème Fraîche Cake - Drizzled with salted vanilla crème fraîche caramel, this cake is the very definition of indulgence. 

Lobster Mascarpone Risotto -  A luxurious dish filled with chunks of sweet lobster.

Flammekueche "French Tarte Flambée - Everyone loves flatbread and this one is topped with bacon and caramelized onions for a smokey sweet savory finish. 

Four Season Cheesecake - A classic cheesecake on a crisp graham cracker crust.  Top with fresh fruit or a simple berry compote to finish.