Holy Goat! Our aged cheeses won nine World Cheese Awards! 

Feta, Bijou and Quark all earned Silver; our newest aged cheese, St. Albans, took bronze, as did Cremont, Coupole,Bonne BoucheFresh Crottin and Crumbled Goat Cheese with Cranberry and Tarragon.

Hear what our Big Cheeses, Bob and Allison had to say about the spectacular showing last week in St. Sebastian, Spain... 

“It’s a tremendous honor to be recognized amongst our industry peers on the world stage,” said Allison Hooper, Co-Founder and CEO, Vermont Creamery. “We’re so proud of our entire team’s dedication to innovation and quality.”

“Nine World Cheese Awards is a terrific testament to our commitment to excellence in artisan cheesemaking,” said Bob Reese, Co-Founder and CEO, Vermont Creamery. “We’re happy to be able to bring this international accolade back to the Green Mountain State.”

Vermont Creamery cheeses have earned 26 World Cheese Awards since 2010, including gold for Bijou, Bonne Bouche, Fresh Crottin and Cremont and Silver for Creamy Goat Cheese, Coupole and fresh Chevre.

The World Cheese Awards drew entries from 31 different countries this year, from Australia to Italy and Mexico to Mozambique. 266 cheese experts from 26 different nations followed them to the Basque Country to taste, nose and grade over 3,000 cheeses in a single day, giving Bronze, Silver, Gold and Super Gold awards to worthy entries. The final judging panel, made up of top names from the world of cheese, featuring cheese makers, buyers, retailers and writers.

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