Aged Cheese FAQS

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  • No, while it may look a bit blue, Bonne Bouche is a geotrichum rinded cheese. Its color is a result of the poplar ash we sprinkle on it before it ages. 

  • Vermont Creamery’s aged cheeses are soft mold-ripened and have a geotrichum rind. Geotrichum Candidum is the strain of culture we use in our cheesemaking process that allows the growth of the distinctive "brain-like" wrinkles. 

  • Great question! Vermont Creamery’s aged cheeses are soft mold-ripened. Each cheese is packaged in its own “Micro-Cave,” either a wooden crate wrapped in micro-perforated film or ventilated plastic “clamshell” container that purposely allows the cheese to breathe and continue to ripen as the products move through the marketplace.