Beet and Sweet Potato Galette

8 servings
40 min prep time
1 hr 30 min total time

This simple beet & sweet potato galette layers sweet root vegetables over lemony goat cheese baked in a flaky butter crust.



2 cups all-purpose flour

1 teaspoon salt

8 ounces Vermont Creamery Unsalted Cultured Butter - 82% Butterfat softened but still cool

1 to 2 tablespoons ice water


8 ounces Vermont Creamery Classic Goat Cheese

1 large sweet potato

1 large red beet

Fresh thyme

Salt and pepper


  • STEP 1

    Heat oven to 375°F.

  • STEP 2

    Peel sweet potato and beet, then slice into 1/8-inch thick rounds. Set aside separately to keep beets from bleeding onto the sweet potato.

  • STEP 3

    Combine flour and salt in large bowl. Cut in butter using fork or hand held dough blender, gently stirring to ensure every crumb of butter is pea size and coated in flour. Add in ice water, 1 tablespoon at a time, mixing until dough begins to take shape. Gently knead with your fingers to help bring dough together. If needed add additional water a little at a time.

  • STEP 4

    Shape dough into disk. Roll out on piece of parchment to 1/4-inch thickness and roughly round.

  • STEP 5

    Move parchment paper to baking sheet.  Spread goat cheese onto dough, leaving about 1-inch boarder around  edge. Layer rounds of cut sweet potato and beets on top of goat cheese.

  • STEP 6

    Gently fold bare edge of dough inwards on top of the layered vegetables, working around the entire circle. Sprinkle top of galette with fresh thyme, salt and pepper.

  • STEP 7

    Bake 40–50 minutes or until vegetables are cooked through and crust is golden. Can be served immediately or allowed to cool.