Go for Goat! A horizontal Tasting of Goat Cheeses

8 servings
20 min prep time
20 min total time

Don't be afraid of a theme for your cheese plate, choosing all goat or all cows' milk cheese is fine.


Vermont Creamery Bonne Bouche

Vermont Creamery Goat Cheese

Caprinio Royale: Santiago

Central Coast Creamery: Goat Gouda

Conituras' Orange Chile de Arbol Marmalade

Chevre stuffed peppadews , wrapped in speck

Avalanche Finocchiona

Unbound Pickling's pickled pickled green beans

Blue Heron Farm's Bourbon cajeta


  • STEP 1

    Remove cheese from refrigerator one hour prior to serving, allowing it to come to room temperature

  • STEP 2

    Balance the cheeses' unique flavors and textures with the addition of nuts, dried fruit and pickled veggies.

Sunshine Goodman

Sunshine Goodman_Image

Sunshine Goodman

Sunshine Goodman has been managing Antonelli's Cheese Shop in San Antonio, Texas for one year. She entered the cheese biz after catching cheese shop owner, John Antonelli's passion for cheese and cheesemaking. We caught up with Sunshine to chat all thing cheese, inlcuding her advice for novice buyers and the questions she hears behind the counter.