Sweet & Savory Cheeseboard

8 servings
30 min prep time
30 min total time

Our new clover blossom honey or wild blueberry, lemon & thyme fresh goat cheeses pair well with sweet or savory items.  Try serving these cheeses with crisp oatcakes, spicy nuts, salted dark chocolate, or smoked prosciutto



Charcuterie like smoked prosciutto

Roasted spiced nuts

Fresh or dried fruit like citrus, grapes, dried apricots or dates, figs or strawberries

Assorted crackers or crisps like seeded crackers or oat cakes

Salted dark chocolate

Honey or jam


  • STEP 1

    Take cheeses out of the fridge one hour prior to serving, allowing them to come to room temperature.

  • STEP 2

    Don't be afraid to ask your local cheesemonger for recommendations; they're a wealth of knowledge!