Witch's Cauldron Halloween Cheeseboard

2 servings
1 hr prep time
1 hr total time

This Halloween, serve up a bubbling caldron of St. Albans, our 100% aged cows' milk stunner.  Pop the crock in the oven for 5 minutes for that ooey, gooey, molten hot cheese effect.  Pair dark chocolate and ghostly shortbread for all the spooky feels.


Vermont Creamery St. Albans

Buttercrunch or toffee

Farmhouse or seeded crisps



  • STEP 1

    Take cheeses out of refrigerator one hour prior to serving, allowing them to come to room temperature.

  • STEP 2

    Don't be afraid to ask your local cheesemonger for recommendations; they're a wealth of knowledge!