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2019 Mission Report


We are so proud to release our 2019 Mission Report. In it, you’ll read about our achievements in 2019 as well as the foundation we laid for 2020. 

Importantly, you’ll read about our approach to our mission as a sustainable business and the four pillars that support our living, growing business enterprise. At Vermont Creamery, we know that true sustainability goes beyond just financial performance; our success depends on the health of our whole ecosystem that supports our people, community and planet.


Here are some highlights from our 35th year in business.  

Supporting Families During the Childcare Crisis 

This year, we partnered with Let’s Grow Kids to pilot a Family-First Program. Working parents face incredible challenges when it comes to access to quality childcare. We teamed up with Let’s Grow Kids to make headway against these challenges. We held internal focus groups that will provide valuable insight in our effort to implement the most supportive benefits possible for the families in our workforce. 

$35k Donated in Our 35th Year 

In 2019, we celebrated thirty-five years of delicious, consciously crafted dairy in the Green Mountains of Vermont. To commemorate our 35th year, we made a $35,000 donation to the American Cheese Education Foundation (ACEF), supporting the development and growth of future cheesemakers in our essential and beloved industry. 

Celebrated Five Years a B Corp – Using Our business as a Force for Good 

2019 marked five years as a Certified B Corp. We choose to be a B Corp because we believe that business can have a great impact on people’s lives. The certification holds us to a high standard, requiring us to consider the impact of our decisions on our team, our customers, suppliers, community and environment. We’re proud to be among a burgeoning contingent of 36 B Corps in Vermont. 

Protecting our Water Systems 

As we grow our business and our physical footprint, we are committed to ensuring the health of our surrounding environment. That’s why our expansion includes a stormwater mitigation initiative, including a bioretention system, that relies on natural processes to remove harmful pollutants in stormwater, while improving habitats on our growing campus. 

Investing in Vermont’s Goat Farms 

Dairy farmers are struggling nationwide, and we are doing our part to help farmers stay in business and maintain the diverse agricultural landscape that Vermont is so well known for. We are proud to partner with the Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food & Markets, the Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund, and local farms to work towards a more prosperous dairy industry in Vermont. 

To read our full 2019 Mission Report, please click here.