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Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies



prep time:

40 mins

cook time:

9 mins

Total time:

49 mins





  1. Brown your butter and set aside, allowing to come to room temp. 
  2. Add your sugars to the butter and mix until combined - about 30 seconds. 
  3. Add the egg and mix to combine. Then add the egg yolk and the vanilla bean paste. Mix to combine.
  4. Add the crème fraîche and mix to combine
  5. Sift your flour and baking soda together and add to the mixture. Add your sea salt as well. 
  6. Mix only until dough just comes together. Over-mixed dough will result in a dryer, tougher cookie
  7. Add your chocolate and mix to combine.
  8. Using your scale, measure 2.8-3oz balls of dough, trying to include an even amount of chocolate in each. Shape into balls and put in a sealable container or bag
  9. Store sealed dough balls in the refrigerator for at least 2-3 hours, or preferably overnight.
  10. Preheat oven to 325°F and line baking sheet with parchment. 
  11. Place 4-6 balls of dough on the cookie sheet, depending on size.
  12. Bake 9 minutes and remove from oven. Top each cookie with extra chunks of chocolate. Turn cookie sheet 180° before adding back to oven. Cook an additional 3-4 minutes, until tops become only slightly brown. 
  13. Remove cookies from oven and top with finer chocolate shavings and flaked salt. Heavier on the salt the better. 
  14. Allow to cool (or not) and enjoy!