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The Best Easter Egg Cookies


On the hunt for the perfect Easter egg cookie? Look no further. 

These cookies look more difficult than they are; the main challenge is finding enough time to make the cookies and making sure the icing has enough time to dry.   

My approach to cooking and baking is a bit like Chef Gusteau’s in Ratatouille, in that I believe anyone can cook or bake anything.  The beauty of cooking and baking is that it is what you make it and it doesn’t have to be intimidating.  Focus on step one and then just keep going — before you know it you’ve made a cake, or these painted sugar cookies.

The beauty of painting on a cookie is that it’s truly a blank canvas, and opens an infinite number of designs or artistic applications that will look beautiful no matter what direction you go in. Perhaps it’s early spring and you’re in dire need of a bit of color, so you paint some spring flowers and new ferns as I’ve done here.   

You could also paint an underwater scene with fish and a sea monster or paint stars and a moon or keep it super simple and classy with stripes and polka dots.  It would be really fun to paint a tic tac toe board and then use smaller cookie bits to play a game with your friends. Whoever wins gets to eat the cookie! 

No piping required.  

Painting on a cookie versus using tinted icing is nice because if you want to change colors, all you need to do is wash your paint brush and dip it into your next color.  You don’t need piping bags, or a bunch of assorted piping tips; there's no filling the kitchen sink with a hundred dirty bowls just so you can use the rainbow of colors that you want.  For these cookies, all you need a few drops of food coloring, a small plate to use as your palate, a glass of water, a brush and you’re ready.   

Dyeing for a cookie. 

You can use a variety of supplies to paint on cookies.  I used all-natural food dyes made from vegetables and spices, but you can also use artificial food coloring, or edible luster dusts which have a sparkly and metallic look to them – super fun.   

Lately I’ve been leaning towards the food dyes made from vegetables and spices because I think it matters what I put in my body, and the older I get the more I care about what I’m eating and what I’m giving others to eat.  But, use what you have on hand, and when you’re in a position to try something new then select what works well for you. 

Gift, eat, repeat. 

These cookies also make fantastic gifts that feel extra special because each one is unique, and it was made by you!  Also, for the record, nothing is too beautiful to eat. Food is made to be eaten and enjoyed!   

So, I hope you give these a try, if you’re home and happen to find yourself with an influx of time or you want to make something extra special for someone you love.  And if a cookie doesn’t turn out the way you want it to – just eat it!  

Here is the full recipe, don't forget to show us your Instagram-ready reveals by tagging @vermontcreamery