Fresh Cheese FAQS

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  • We  recommend that our fresh goat and cows’ milk products be consumed within seven days of opening. Depending on handling, mold on cheese may appear approximately seven days after the package is opened. The date on the package is valid only if the package remains sealed so that air does not come in contact with the cheese.

  • If you do not eat all the cheese at one time, wrap it in plastic wrap to and store it in the refrigerator. Be sure to use it within 5-7 days of opening.

  • Not necessarily. Goat cheese can run the flavor gamut between delightfully milk to adventurously complex. Flavor really begins at the farm; goats are unique to cows in that they absorb their environment and that environment is oftentimes reflected in the flavor of the milk. Common assertions that goat cheese tastes of barnyard or earthiness is a direct reflection of the conditions the animals live in. We call this, "Taste of place." 

  • Yes. In the U.S., by law, all fresh cheeses aged less than 60 days require pasteurized milk. All the milk we use to make Vermont Creamery products is pasteurized.