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A Love Letter to Vermont


We will choose you in every lifetime, Vermont, and here’s why:

Your Sense of Community

We challenge you to find a state that rallies behind their community more than the folks in Vermont. We take care of one another, and it shows.

More dirt roads than paved roads

Vermont has 8,600 miles of dirt roads vs. 7,151 miles paved roads, which means there is no shortage of scenic exploration by car, foot, or bike. It also means that mud season is no joke...

Love for Local

The support for local artists, makers, business owners, farmers, musicians and beyond is astounding. There is no shortage of local eats in Vermont, either. The state is home to some of the best food and drink in the US including world class cheese, craft beer, natural wine, farm fresh produce, and of course, maple syrup . It's not just a tagline here, it's a way of life.

Four magical seasons

There is so much magic in Vermont seasons: the first electric day of spring, the lush and fleeting summer, the vibrant fall foliage, the first snowfall! Vermont's weather is fickle, but its cyclical nature keeps us grounded, connected, and deeply appreciative.

The slow life

You can't talk about Vermont without mentioning a balanced lifestyle. We work hard, but we never forget to play hard. Life is all about having fun and Vermonters embody that through and through.

Your mountains, rivers, valleys, and streams

The Vermont landscape is unique for its soft rolling hills carved with valleys, rivers, and streams galore.

Access to outdoor adventuring

Skiing, snowboarding, river-ing, hiking, rock climbing, canoeing, fishing, kayaking, mountain biking, birding, gravel riding, pond hockey.... are just a *few* of the outdoor adventures right at our fingertips.

Space to breathe

Whether you're out for a woodsy walk or a late night stargaze, living here feels like an exhale.

New England at Your Fingertips

When you crave the big city lights, you can get to Montreal, Boston, New York City, Portland, Providence, and Portsmouth in just under 4 hours. You can really have it all here in Vermont...

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