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Homemade Holidays Start Now


Alright cheese and butter aficionados, after the 2020 we've had, it’s time to just cut down a tree and call it a year, right?  

That's why your friends at Vermont Creamery are officially declaring the start of the Homemade Holiday Season. We're pulling out all the stops as we welcome the resurgence of crafting, recipes and handcrafted gifts to get us through to the New Year.  
Homemade Holidays are a celebration of making food and gifts together and for each other; family and food are at the center of at-home celebrations, where the gift of time and creativity is the most valuable one. This is the year of pies baked and left on a friend’s doorstep. Think cookies made from scratch with children and exchanged without contact, and crème fraîche truffles hand-rolled, wrapped, and mailed to loved ones that feel farther away than ever. 

This year, we can rediscover the most meaningful moments of the season by putting the holiday hustle of parties and piles of presents aside, staying home, and leaning into the spirit of making and giving from the heart.  

Pass the wine and put on your stretchy pants. Let’s get cozy. 

While pre-pandemic, it was generally acceptable to see the first emergence of twinkling lights and paper snowflakes in windows in the two weeks leading up to Thanksgiving, this year we anticipate accelerated acceptance of early holiday decorating, baking, and crafting into October. 

So, we are giving the people what they want – a festive holiday season that puts the home in homemade. From now until the New Year, Vermont Creamery will be counting down to the end of 2020 with a curated selection of festive holiday favorite recipes, gift giving guides, fun and easy crafts, and the best cheeseboard and cocktail inspiration for you and yours.   

Enter to Win and Follow Along!

To kick off the season, fans can enter to win a Homemade Holidays Baker’s Box full of Vermont Creamery Cultured Butter and Crème Fraîche, the highly versatile, decadent and essential items at the center of every holiday baker’s ingredient list, and accompanied by a selection of our favorite ingredients, cookie cutters in the shape of cows and goats, and more. 

Further, Vermont Creamery has tasked their expert team of cooking and baking influencers to deliver a beautifully curated collection of uniquely delicious dishes to delight and inspire its broad social audiences across all platforms. Follow along on Instagram @vermontcreamery.  

Vermont Creamery has also joined forces with Sweet Paul Magazine to develop a collection of warm and whimsical crafts that can be tackled with kids, gifted to loved ones or simply enjoyed at home.   

Remember, every time a pie crust is rolled out, a sugar cookie is iced, or a loaf of bread is baked, a stick of Vermont Creamery cultured butter gets its wings.