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‘Tis the season to give thanks! Thanksgiving is among our favorite holidays; the focus is on food and family and well, pie. Before we gear up to deck those halls and trim those trees, let’s take a beat to reflect on all the things we’re thankful for this Thanksgiving.

Our team.
We feel so lucky to spend our days with a talented bunch of makers and doers. Teamwork makes the dream work, this we know.
We’re forever grateful for chese. Hard cheese, soft cheese, gooey St. Marcellin or veiny blue cheese. We especially love sharing an overflowing cheeseboard with friends on Thanksgiving Day. I mean, look at this spread.
Farms and farmers.
Without farms and farmers, there would be no food. We’re endlessly grateful to our farmers for the care they provide to their animals and the vital contribution they make to our food system.

Cultured butter.
Butter makes the world go ‘round, am I right? Whether it’s slathered on toast or turned into pie crust, our rich and creamy cultured butter is truly something to be thankful for. Don’t think so? Try this apple pie recipe and then we’ll talk.
It’s the official dessert of Thanksgiving, and we have a fantastic selection of pie recipes to choose from (Pecan, apple, sweet potato…the gang’s all here), so check it.
We feel so lucky to live in this beautiful state with its Green Mountains, pastures and independent spirit. Vermont isn't just where we live, it's who we are. 

Happy Thanksgiving Friends!