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5 Tips for Entertaining with Goat Cheese


Looking for tips on plating fresh goat cheese?  We've got you covered.  

Try a wire. Fresh goat cheese is softer than a lot of cheeses, and therefore prone to spreading or smearing when you break it down into bite-size pieces for a cheese plate. A cheese wire will give you perfect round medallions every time—once you try it, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without.  

Freeze first. You can also turn out cleaner crumbles and rounder medallions from Vermont Creamery Goat Cheese logs by freezing them for 15–20 minutes in their packaging to firm up the cheese before slicing. 


Soften the landing. Though goat cheese has made great strides in recent decades, some people are still skittish about it. Put them at ease by making the goat cheese in your spread more approachable with a dollop of honey, caramel, or jam on top before serving.  

Roll your own. Another way to draw in would-be abstainers? Roll a plain Vermont Creamery Goat Cheese log in ingredients like crumbled crackers or cookies, cacao nibs, citrus zest, chopped candied nuts, or raw sugar and edible flowers to create an inviting display. 

Whip up a dip. We love an appetizer that comes together in minutes, especially when it's always a show-stopper.  Warm, creamy goat dips are the perfect holiday appetizer to set the tone for a scrumptious meal!