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Do The Cheese Math


When it comes to hosting the perfect party, you do the math, right?

True, math is not our favorite either, alas there is plenty to calculate during party prep. How many guests are you expecting? Are you making all of the food yourself or will your guests contribute a dish? 

You decide to hack your holiday hosting by making one giant cheeseboard to feed the masses; so much easier than assed appetizers or GASP a sit-down dinner. But is it easier? How much easier, really?  

Time to do the cheese math.  

Believe us when we say that cheese math is a huge part of our everyday lives at Vermont Creamery, and we aren’t talking about packing orders or making chevre. Cheese math is a unique and highly valuable skill to employ under certain specific conditions, including hosting. When we attend an event, we ask ourselves some simple questions. How many people do they estimate will attend? How long will the event last? How much cheese, on average, will each person eat? Pro-tip, if said event has an open bar, DOUBLE the equation. 

You want to have enough cheese to delight your guests, perhaps without filling them up before the big show (dinner). You don’t want to waste excessive amounts of cheese, because that’s just sad. Repackaging cheese at the end of then night is messy and unpleasant and nobody likes to scrape down a cheeseboard. Also, with leftover cheese in play, plan for a stinkier-than-normal fridge. Consider yourself warned. 

So, here’s our very non-mathy, but completely tried and true formula to have you doing cheese math in no time.  

Total Cheese = 1 oz (2)(15) = 30 

Here we’re saying that the total cheese needed to feed each of the fifteen people attending 1 ounce of cheese, you’ll need 30 ounces of cheese.  

So, plug in your own values and let the good chevre roll.  

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