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Our 10 Favorite Easter Recipes


Don't let Easter sneak up on you this year!  Here's a checklist to make it the easiest brunch you've ever planned.  

🧈 Stock your freezer with our Cultured Butter to bring your recipe dreams to life. 

🧑‍🍳 Pick some make-ahead apps or sides to keep your Easter morning as chill as possible- besides, that time is for Easter hunts and sugar highs.  🐰😉 

🐣 Peep some menu inspiration below- we're sharing our 10 favorite Easter recipes for all things sweet, savory and spring.   


Herby-Beet Deviled Eggs 

The prettiest platter at Easter Brunch 

The filling gets rich, lush silky texture from a few tablespoons of crème fraîche, plus a delicate tang from fresh goat cheese. Lemon zest brings sunny, bright flavor, while a mix of tender green herbs add even more freshness. These deviled eggs bring the wow factor simply garnished with a sprig of dill, but are also a stunning canvas for a variety of toppings, like smoked salmon, trout roe, thinly sliced radish, and everything-but-the-bagel seasoning.  

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Créme Fraîche Pound Cake with Ube Glaze

An Easter brunch showstopper 

A modern riff on the traditional pound cake topped with a glimmering purple ube glaze. The addition of crème fraiche makes for a moister, lighter cake with a gentle tang. Ube, a purple yam native to Southeast Asia, has a sweet, earthy, nutty, vanilla-like flavor and provides the wonderful purple color in the glaze. This cake is the perfect show-stopping centerpiece for your Easter brunch table.  

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Spring Butter Board

The best spring has to offer 

Welcome spring with this fun and easy cheese and butter board to share. Cultured butter pairs beautifully with crisp radishes and a sprinkle of flaky salt. And as the weather starts to warm up, we appreciate fresh carrots and spring peas, plus a little something sweet with our cheeses. 

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Green Goddess Goat Cheese Dip

Dig into this goddess of a goat dip  

Bright, zippy, and verdantly green, this goat cheese dip gets an extra silky texture from frozen peas, plus vibrant herbaceous flavor from a bounty of tender green herbs. The choice of herbs is up to you!

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Easter Sugar Cookies

Crispy, chewy, sweet 

The classic sugar cookie recipe we turn to every time that has crisp edges and soft centers, leveled up with festive flair. The beauty of painting on a cookie is that it’s truly a blank canvas, and opens an infinite number of designs or artistic applications that will look beautiful no matter what direction you go in. In early spring when we're in dire need of a bit of color, you paint some spring flowers and new ferns to bring some sunshine.  The opportunities are endless! 

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Croque Madame French Toast

A classic brunch hero  

Add a little oh la la to your Easter brunch with this playful mashup of French toast and the Parisian favorite, Croque Madame. 

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Spring Vegetable Tart

Fresh flavors for Easter 

This simple tart combines thinly sliced seasonal vegetables atop a pillow of puff pastry and creamy goat cheese, and will bring a welcome freshness to your Easter brunch.  

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Easter Candy Cheeseboard

The Easter bunny was here... 

The cheese, chocolate and candy board you've secretly always wanted to make. Now you have an excuse.  

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Asparagus Tartine with Crème Fraiche & Soft-Boiled Egg

Brunch, elevated 

Mix fresh bundled asparagus spears, herbed crème fraîche and a soft-boiled egg for a delightfully seasonal classic tartine. 

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Vanilla Almond Snacking Cake

The perfect Easter brunch dessert 

This vanilla-almond snack cake is topped with a delightful rhubarb-mascarpone frosting- perfectly festive for Easter and just as delicious as they are adorable!  

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